Fresh applicants should apply for 2024 caregiver nursing visa sponsorship jobs in Canada.

In 2024, the two pilot projects expect to receive a total of 5,500 applications for additional submissions.


The maximum number of candidates for these pilot programs is now divided into two groups: those seeking immediate entrance into permanent residence and those seeking experience.

In addition, Canada has reduced the 12-month minimum work experience requirement for in-country caregivers seeking permanent residency (PR).

Previously, caregivers in Canada had to have at least 24 months of experience before applying for permanent residency.

What are Canada Caregiver Programs?


The Canadian Caregiver Program is a trial immigration program that enables home child care and home assistance workers to get permanent residency (PR) in Canada.

The program is designed for people who desire to relocate to Canada and work as caregivers.

Canada Caregiver Programs are categorized into three different programs

  • Two 5-year pilot programs
  • The Home Child Care Provider Pilot
  • The Home Support Worker Pilot

Applicants must have a work offer from a Canadian family in order to apply for any of these programs; an LMIA is not required.

After receiving a job offer, suitable applicants may apply for an occupation-restricted work permit, come to Canada, and perform temporary employment to gain experience.

These applicants may apply for permanent residence after gaining one year of experience in Canada.

If you have been offered a position as a caregiver in Canada or have past experience working as a caregiver in Canada, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residency under one of these experimental programs.

Occupations eligible for Canada Caregiver Program

If you have worked full-time in one of the following National Occupational Classification (NOC) jobs in Canada, you can utilize your work experience to apply for permanent residency.

Home child care provider (NOC 44100)

  • You must care for youngsters in your own house or at your employer’s private residence.
  • The site cannot be an institutional setting, such as a daycare.
  • You are not required to live at your employer’s home to qualify.
  • Experience as a foster parent does not count.


Home support worker (NOC 44101)

  • You must care for someone who needs assistance from a home support worker in your employer’s private residence.
  • The location cannot be an institutional setting, such as a nursing home.
  • You are not required to live at your employer’s home to qualify.

What kind of job offer is needed for Canada Caregiver Pilot Programs?

To begin or complete the work experience required for permanent residency through the Home Child Care Provider or Home Support Worker Pilot, you must first obtain a real and valid employment offer.

There is no need for a Labour Market Impact Assessment, LMIA, or LMO while applying for caregiver programs.

Your proposed position must be full-time (at least 30 hours of paid labor per week) outside of Quebec, from a Canadian individual or family that is not a firm, an embassy, a high commission, or a consulate.



Are you a compassionate and skilled international caregiver seeking work in Canada? We are presently offering caregiver positions with visa sponsorship to eligible overseas candidates like you.

As a caregiver in Canada, you will play an important role in giving necessary care and support to those in need, contributing to the well-being of families, and experiencing the cultural richness of this hospitable country.

Job Details:

  • Employer Name: Le Groupe Consilium Rh & Relations de travail
  • Salary: $21.85 hourly, or 20 to 40 hours per week
  • Employment Type: Full-time,  Part-time
  • Location: 301 Rue Saint-Jacques, Sainte-Thècle, Quebec, Canada, G0X3G0
  • Education: No degree certificate or diploma
  • Experience: 3 years to less than 5 years


  • Provide compassionate care to people with physical or mental disabilities.
  • Assist with daily chores like personal hygiene, clothing, and feeding.
  • Administer medications and check for health conditions as needed.
  • Provide emotional support and friendship for the people in your care.
  • Provide a safe and comfortable atmosphere for clients.
  • Collaborate with healthcare providers and family members to provide the best possible treatment.
  • Keep precise records of the care provided.


  • Certified or trained in caregiving or a related healthcare sector.
  • Previous experience as a caretaker is preferred but not required.
  • Empathy and a compassionate attitude toward those in need of care.
  • Effective communication and interpersonal abilities.
  • Capacity to adjust to changing caregiving circumstances and client requirements.
  • Fluency in English (or French for bilingual positions).

Visa Sponsorship

Selected international candidates for caregiver jobs in Canada will be sponsored by the hiring organization or family. Visa sponsorship enables overseas caregivers to work lawfully in Canada and provide their skills to families and people in need of care.

How To Apply

To apply for caregiver positions in Canada with visa sponsorship as a foreigner, complete the steps below:

Contact person
Le Groupe Consilium
Email: [email protected]

  • Create a thorough CV that highlights your caring experience and qualifications.
  • Create a cover letter stating your desire to work as a caregiver in Canada and your dedication to providing compassionate care.
  • Gather relevant documentation, such as your caregiving certification or training and references.
  • Submit your application online or by mail, following the guidelines provided by the organization.

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  • Working as a caregiver in Canada with visa sponsorship provides competitive earnings and chances for career advancement in the caregiving and healthcare sectors.
  • Exposure to a variety of caregiving situations and client connections.
  • Experience living and working in a multicultural and inclusive community.
  • Access to Canada’s superior health and social services.


Can I find a caregiving job in Canada from Nigeria?

The Canadian government is accepting applications for the Home Child Care Provider Pilot and Home Support Worker Pilot programmes. These two caregiver programmes allow immigrants, including Nigerians, to migrate with their family and earn permanent residency.

How can I obtain visa sponsorship to work in Canada?

Can my employer sponsor me to work in Canada? Canadian firms do not “sponsor” candidates to work in Canada, but they can help bring in foreign workers by obtaining a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) or submitting an electronic job offer.

How long does it take to receive a caregiver visa in Canada?

This application can take up to 12 months to process, so employers must plan ahead of time when employing a caregiver. The work permit will be valid for three years.


Caregiver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship for foreigners are an excellent chance for motivated individuals who want to provide meaningful care and support to those in need.

If you have a love for helping others, a commitment to delivering quality caring services, and a desire to be a part of Canada’s compassionate community, apply for caregiver jobs with visa sponsorship in Canada and embark on a rewarding adventure in the field of caregiving.

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