How to Get the NYIF Application Form, Eligibility, and More in 2024

As a young entrepreneur in Nigeria, accessing the right resources and support can be a major hurdle to turning your business dreams into reality. 

That’s where the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) comes in—a government-backed initiative designed to empower youth-led businesses and drive economic growth. 


With its focus on job creation, innovation, and entrepreneurship, the NYIF has the potential to be a game-changer for young Nigerians looking to make their mark.

But with any opportunity comes the need for clear guidance and understanding. That’s why we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the NYIF application form, eligibility criteria, and more. 

Whether you’re just starting or looking to take your business to the next level, this article will walk you through everything you need to know to unlock the benefits of the NYIF and achieve your goals. 

So let’s get started!

What Is the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) All About?

The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) is an innovative initiative launched by the federal government in 2020 to empower young entrepreneurs and innovators in Nigeria. 

This program aims to tackle youth unemployment, promote economic growth, and harness the creative potential of young Nigerians. 

By offering financial support, mentorship, and training, the NYIF seeks to bridge the gap between young entrepreneurs and the resources they need to succeed.


At its core, the NYIF focuses on fostering innovation, entrepreneurship, and job creation. 

The fund’s objectives are diverse, aiming to empower young Nigerians to become economic leaders and change-makers in their communities. 

By supporting youth-led businesses and ideas, the NYIF hopes to stimulate economic growth, reduce poverty, and promote sustainable development.

The fund’s focus areas include technology and digital innovation, agriculture and agribusiness, creative industries such as arts, culture, and entertainment, manufacturing and processing, and healthcare and wellness.

Eligibility Criteria: Who Can Apply?

To be considered for the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF), applicants must meet a set of eligibility criteria designed to ensure that the fund supports young Nigerians with innovative business ideas and existing businesses that have the potential to grow and create jobs. 

Firstly, applicants must be within the age range of 18 and 35 years old, which is the target demographic for the NYIF. 

Additionally, they must be Nigerian citizens, have a registered or unregistered business or business idea that aligns with the NYIF’s focus areas, and possess a minimum of an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or its equivalent.

Furthermore, applicants must be residents of Nigeria and have a Tax Identification Number (TIN), which indicates their tax compliance. 

Their business must also meet certain requirements, including being at least 50% owned by a young Nigerian, operating in Nigeria, and having a clear potential for growth and job creation. 

The NYIF is designed to support businesses that are innovative, scalable, and have a positive impact on the economy; therefore, businesses involved in illegal activities or those that are not aligned with the fund’s focus areas are excluded.

It’s also important to note that businesses with outstanding loans or debts, as well as those that are not tax-compliant, are not eligible to apply. 

Step-by-Step Application Process

Applying for the NYIF involves a straightforward and streamlined process that can be completed online. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate the application process:

Step 1: Check Eligibility

Before starting the application process, it’s essential to ensure you meet the NYIF’s eligibility criteria. 

Take a moment to review the requirements and exclusions to confirm your business or idea qualifies for funding. 

This step is crucial to avoid wasting time and effort on an application that may not be eligible. 

Carefully go through the eligibility criteria, and if you’re unsure, don’t hesitate to contact the NYIF support team for clarification.

Step 2: Register and Create an Account

To begin the application process, visit the NYIF’s online portal and register by providing basic information such as your name, email address, and phone number. 

This will create your unique account, which will serve as your gateway to the application process. 

Make sure to create a strong password and confirm your account through the email verification link sent to your registered email address. 

This step is crucial to ensuring the security and integrity of your application.

Step 3: Fill out the application form.

Log in to your account and complete the NYIF application form, which is designed to gather detailed information about your business or idea. 

Provide a clear and concise business description, outlining your products or services, target market, and competitive advantage. 

Additionally, provides a comprehensive market analysis, financial projections, and funding requirements. 

Be thorough and accurate, as this information will be used to assess your application.

Step 4: Upload the Required Documents

To support your application, attach the required documents, which may include business registration documents (e.g., CAC certificate), Tax Identification Number (TIN), proof of address, proof of identity (e.g., passport, driver’s license), and a business plan or proposal. 

Ensure these documents are up-to-date, valid, and scanned or uploaded. This step is critical, as incomplete or inaccurate documentation may lead to delays or disqualification.

Step 5: Submit Your Application

Once you’ve completed the application form and uploaded the required documents, review your application carefully to ensure all required fields are completed. 

Double-check for accuracy and completeness, as this will impact the success of your application. 

If satisfied, submit your application and receive an acknowledgment email confirming receipt of your application.

Step 6: Wait for Review and Approval

After submitting your application, the NYIF team will review it, and if successful, you will be invited for an interview or pitch. 

This is an opportunity to showcase your business or idea and demonstrate its potential. If approved, you will receive a funding offer and disbursement details. 

Keep in mind that the review process may take some time, so be patient and await feedback from the NYIF team.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)?

The NYIF is a federal government initiative aimed at supporting young entrepreneurs and innovators in Nigeria. It provides financial support, mentorship, and training to help young Nigerians turn their business ideas into reality.

Who is eligible to apply for the NYIF?

The NYIF is open to young Nigerians between the ages of 18 and 35 who have a viable business idea or an existing business that needs funding to grow. Applicants must also meet specific eligibility criteria, including being a Nigerian citizen, having a minimum of an Ordinary National Diploma (OND) or its equivalent, and being tax-compliant.

What kind of businesses are eligible for funding?

The NYIF supports a wide range of businesses, including those in the technology, agriculture, creative industries, and manufacturing sectors. The fund focuses on supporting innovative and scalable businesses that have the potential to create jobs and drive economic growth.

How much funding can I apply for?

The NYIF offers funding ranging from N500,000 to N5 million, depending on the needs and potential of your business. The fund also provides mentorship and training to help you grow your business and access additional funding opportunities.


The Nigerian Youth Investment Fund (NYIF) is a vital initiative that provides young entrepreneurs and innovators with the support they need to succeed. 

By understanding the NYIF’s objectives, eligibility criteria, application process, and funding opportunities, you can take the first step toward turning your business idea into a reality. 

Remember to carefully review the eligibility criteria and application guidelines to ensure your application is successful. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to access funding, mentorship, and training that can help you grow your business and contribute to Nigeria’s economic growth. 

Apply for the NYIF today and join the community of young entrepreneurs who are shaping the future of Nigeria!

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