Apply To Study in Canada Scholarship 2024

Apply To Study in Canada Scholarship 2024

Apply To Study in Canada Scholarship 2024

The Study in Canada Scholarships program is a transformative initiative aimed at increasing opportunities for Canadian post secondary institutions to host international students from a diverse array of countries and territories.

This short term exchange program is designed for study or research, providing institutions with the chance to fortify and diversify their international connections while showcasing their academic and research excellence in emerging markets.


The primary objective of the Study in Canada Scholarships is to create new connections that not only diversify and enrich Canada’s educational engagement but also strengthen bilateral ties and complement the broader international trade diversification efforts of the Government of Canada.

As part of Global Affairs Canada’s International Scholarships Program this initiative plays a pivotal role in fostering cross cultural exchanges and enhancing Canada’s standing in the global education landscape.

Eligibility Criteria:

For prospective applicants eligibility is contingent upon meeting specific criteria:

  1. Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of eligible countries/territories. These include countries in Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan), Europe (Türkiye, Ukraine), the Middle East and North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia) and Sub Saharan Africa (Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Tanzania, Uganda).
  2. Enrollment: Applicants must be full time students enrolled in a post secondary institution in an eligible country/territory. Moreover, they must be paying tuition fees to that institution at the time of application and for the entire duration of their exchange.
  3. Exclusion Criteria: Applicants are not eligible if they hold or have a pending application for Canadian citizenship or permanent residency, are already participating in a Government of Canada funded scholarship program or are currently enrolled in a degree, diploma or certificate program at a Canadian post secondary institution.

Canadian post secondary institutions interested in hosting students must meet certain criteria:

  1. Designated Learning Institution (DLI): Institutions must be designated as learning institutions.
  2. Student Exchange Agreement: Institutions must have a valid student exchange agreement with the student’s home institution that waives tuition fees for scholarship recipients (mandatory for college/undergraduate study only).

Scholarship Value and Duration:

The Study in Canada Scholarships program offers varying award components based on the level of study:

  1. College/Undergraduate (4 months): $10,200
  2. Graduate (4 months): $10,200
  3. Graduate (5 6 months): $12,700

These scholarships cover study or research at different academic levels, with specific requirements regarding the necessity of a student exchange agreement for college/undergraduate study.

Eligible Expenses:

Selected students have the flexibility to utilize scholarship funds for a range of expenses including visa or study/work permit fees, airfare via the most direct and economical route, health insurance, living expenses (accommodation, utilities and food), ground transportation (including a public transportation pass) and books and supplies required for study or research (excluding computers and other equipment).

Canadian institutions hosting students are eligible to receive:

  1. $500 per scholarship recipient to aid with administrative costs once the student arrives in Canada.
  2. Reimbursement of additional employer compliance fees paid to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada in some cases.

Funding Mechanism:

Funding for the Study in Canada Scholarships program is provided to Canadian institutions by Global Affairs Canada, through the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development (DFATD). Canadian institutions, upon receiving the funds in the form of a non negotiable contribution agreement, are responsible for disbursing the funds to successful students according to their internal processes. In the event that a student does not take up the scholarship, Canadian institutions must return all funds including the administrative fee to DFATD.

Application Process:

Canadian institutions play a pivotal role in the application process, applying on behalf of eligible students. Prior to the application period institutions are encouraged to promote the scholarship among faculty and staff reach out to eligible partner institutions and explore student exchange agreements.

Non Canadian institutions interested in sending students to Canada should review eligibility requirements explore student exchange agreements with Canadian institutions promote the scholarship to students and identify eligible students based on admission requirements.

Prospective students interested in studying in Canada under this scholarship are advised to review eligibility requirements inquire about existing exchange agreements and contact their international office to understand the application process and any admission requirements for the Canadian institution.

Application Instructions:

For Canadian institutions applying on behalf of eligible students the application process involves:

  1. Assigning a program coordinator to complete applications.
  2. Logging in or creating an account to apply for the scholarship on behalf of students.
  3. Selecting the Study in Canada Scholarships program in the “For Non Canadians” section and clicking on “Apply Now.”
  4. Entering data in the mandatory fields and following instructions for each item.
  5. Uploading all required supporting documents ensuring they meet specified format and size requirements.
  6. Verifying data before submission and clicking “SUBMIT.” A confirmation message and reference number for submitted applications will be received.
  7. Printing the form for records using the print function in the browser.

Further details and assistance can be found on the Help page.

Supporting Documents and Selection Criteria:

Applications are evaluated based on several criteria including the merit of the research or study to be undertaken in Canada the benefit to the home institution and peers, the benefit to the Canadian institution, supervisor and peers the strength of the linkages to be created through the proposed exchange and rankings submitted by the Canadian institution.

Priority is given to students who have not previously received a scholarship under a Global Affairs Canada Short term Exchange Program.

Key Dates:

  • Application Deadline: Canadian institutions must submit online applications on behalf of students by 11:59 p.m. EDT on March

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